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Nicson Automotive


Nicson Automotive opened its doors in 1952 when Tony and Ellen Ferraro discovered there was a great need for truck maintenance and repair in the Los Angeles area. The family business has continued throughout the last 70+ years even after the couple's retirement in 1985 when son Tony Ferraro, Jr. and his wife Jan took over its management.

Originally a repair shop for only the most basic of trucks, over the years, the Nicson team has become experts in other areas including the repair of specialty equipment for heavy-duty vehicles. Their extensive client list includes private market chain stores, railroad companies, tool manufacturers, fire departments, scale companies, and oil drilling operations to name a few.

Tony Ferraro has no doubt why Nicson Automotive has been successful. "Our primary goal is to provide top quality service to our customers. We not only want to make sure that we do a great job; we want to make sure our customer is satisfied."

Ferraro says they continue to build their business by listening to their customers' needs and finding ways to provide those services. For example, when they can't do a job in-house, they find a qualified vendor to handle it. "We don't just send the job out, we track the job done by our vendors to make sure they represent us the way our employees do," says Ferraro.

Some of the more complicated projects Nicson has worked on are the heavy construction equipment for oil drilling rigs, high rail trucks used in conjunction with the operation of trains and various hydraulic systems.